Phil - Breakthrough Fitness Hilton Head

Certified Personal Trainer

Walking down King Street in my sales attire, trapped in the corporate matrix, I remembered being happy. A pack of cigarettes a day and daily Happy Hours, I was far from my glory days. Revelation, I wanted my life back. I wanted to feel good again. So, I began with the place I once called “home”…. others call it a “gym”.

So fast forward to the present I boast cultivating a very unique and diverse client base to say the least. My clients range from the young to old from the disabled to professional athlete, from a retired CEO to a hospitality intern. Today I happily train exclusively with Breakthrough Fitness and have continued my presence in the Food and Beverage Industry as a senior barmen. The struggle is real, day in day out Monday through Sunday 365. Being involved in the fitness game for so long I’ve had no choice but to change and involve with the times. The ebb and flow of the journey to become fit or to maintain one’s fitness is an open ended endless saga. I’ve been at it for over 24 years and I am still learning new techniques.

In 2014 I had the opportunity to train under the world’s greatest tennis performance master trainer Pat Etcheberry. I am certified under Pat’s program and have fallen in love with sports performance and tennis functional training. I have fused many of my conventional bodybuilding formats with tennis specific training, creating my own approach. While I am writing, my prized athlete is enjoying her first tennis season at LSU on a full ride. With just weeks into the conference season she as a freshman is playing in the one position and she has already defeated the number 35 seed in the nation. She is 18 and she is already accumulating professional points.

This last year of my fitness journey has really evolved around the theme of giving back. With the grace of the Almighty I was blessed with meeting my man child in the back stage of a NPC body building competition. This kid introduced himself as a future professional body builder. Being that it was his first event and he had not even posed yet I thought that his remarks where a little over zealous but it reminded me of my mindset when I was younger in my competitive prime. After a success show the kid promised me that he would make the trip to Hilton Head to train with me. Luis absolutely blew my mind with his intensity and thoroughness; he dotted every i and crossed every t. While we were training, I thought back to how tough it was to love body building in place that could care less. I promised him that he would not be alone in his journey and I would do everything in my means to advance his endeavors. That training session sixteen months ago he was 164 pounds soaking wet, today at 18 years old Luis is 200 pounds and he has just signed his first contract with a major supplement company.

I love what I do and I will be involved in fitness in one way or another for the rest of my life. I love helping others and do not covet my knowledge. I cannot explain in words the value training and fitness holds, to me it is the fountain of youth, preventative health care toward an enriched life. There is no currency in existence that I would trade for the time and work that I have put into this. I wish everyone would train and commit to their fitness; the world would be a better place!

I am ACE Certified and between athletics and bodybuilding, I have over 24 years of experience.

In the beginning, I just wanted to get healthy. 86lbs later and 7 INBF (International Natural Bodybuilding Federation) competitions later, I find myself here… in Paradise, lifting weights and pouring drinks!

I love fitness and being involved in the fitness here on Hilton Head Island. I am passionate about everything I do. My foundation, my life force, is here at the gym.

Life is not a spectator sport, and at the end of the day, I will not say, “What If?”

  • ACE Certified
  • INBF Competitive Body Builder
  • Transformation Specialist

  • Physique Training

  • Weight Loss

  • Personal In Home Training