Personal Trainer & Senior Fitness specialist

Everyday I am committed to educate my clients on the importance of exercise and help understand that a healthy lifestyle is a balance between a well-rounded diet and exercise. I provide clients with a positive and energetic session. I strive to teach proper form, Full-body functional movements and strength / resistance training that will help improve and maintain balance, posture, strength, an optimal movement patterns. Every client is unique and so are their needs, which is why each session is planned around the needs of the client. It’s not all about the physical appearance when it comes to exercise, it’s about the benefits to your heart and health as well as keeping your muscles and bones strong in order to stay independent. Several physiological and anatomical changes occur within the human body as we age. Physical activity performance diminishes, such as in exercise, and general daily activities, and increases the risk for injury. While many physical changes are inevitable, habitual participation and a commitment to physical activity, good nutrition, and other healthy choices can prevent and reduce the effect of changes or injury and may manipulate the expression of genetic code as well as counteract a majority of the chronic health conditions leading to mortality in older adults. A simple way of understanding this relationship is the following statement: “A person’s genes determine what might be, but lifestyle choices determine what the person actually becomes.” I come across so many people that lack the knowledge of the benefits of exercise for our health and structure in the gym and I am committed to help you live your best life and help reach your utmost potential and get you to your fitness and health goals! A lot of the times your biggest enemy is the one you look at in the mirror every day. After all health and fitness is an essential part of the longevity of your life. Stop making excuses and start changing your life for the better today! This is a lifestyle and there is no finish line. Together we work on pushing through barriers and getting results!! Each little step you take is a huge step in the right direction. I’m here to help you take those steps one session at a time. Get on my team!

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